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If you’re looking for a roofing company that’s active in the Brighton area, you’ve found one in JAH Roofing Specialists. I provide a comprehensive range of services including new roof installations, roof repairs, chimney repairs, leadwork and fascia replacements. My team work with a range of different materials and systems to ensure every client gets a finished product bespoke to their needs, from modern flat roofing products, to traditional pitched roofs. And as I’m positioned in nearby Worthing, I can even provide emergency roof repairs should you spring a leak, for example.

Below, I’ve looked to answer a handful of questions that are commonly received from clients in the Brighton area. If you have a different query, or want to secure a quote for any of the services listed across the website, from new roof installations to roof repairs, simply pick up the phone and call 07897 606 585.


What options do I have when it comes to flat roofing in Brighton?

EPDM, felt, and fiberglass are three common flat roofing systems used in Brighton, and therefore the three most common our roofing company installs! Their key differences as new roof installations are as follows:

  • EPDM – This is a synthetic rubber flat roofing membrane that is highly durable, resistant to UV rays, and known for its impressive lifespan. It is easy to install and repair, making it a popular choice for flat roofs.
  • Felt – Felt roofing is made from layers of bitumen and felt material. It is a traditional flat roofing system that has been used for many years, and you’ll still see it employed as an affordable option for Brighton buildings. Felt roofing is cost-effective but has a shorter lifespan than other systems.
  • Fiberglass – Many a roofing company has added this system to its product offerings, and for good reason. It’s a flat roofing system made from layers of fiberglass matting and a resin that is cured to create a strong, seamless surface. It is durable and resistant to UV rays and fire, making it a popular choice for commercial and industrial new roof installations around Brighton.

If you are interested in a more traditional form of new roof installation, know that my team and I also construct pitched roofs for Brighton homes and commercial properties.

When might I require roof repairs?

Common roof repairs we undertake around Brighton include fixing leaks, replacing damaged or missing tiles or shingles, repairing or replacing damaged flashing or vents, addressing ponding or standing water issues, repairing or replacing gutters or downspouts, and addressing damage from weather events such as wind, hail, or storms.

Many of these qualify as emergency roof repairs, and should be attended to immediately wherever possible. Other common roof repairs may include addressing issues with insulation, ventilation, or condensation, and addressing pest or animal damage.

Why might I need to invest in fascia replacements?

Fascia replacements should be considered if the fascia boards are damaged, rotting, or showing signs of wear and tear such as cracks, splits, or discoloration. Additionally, if the fascia is no longer providing adequate support for the guttering, or if the guttering is pulling away from the fascia, it may be time for a replacement.

Regular inspection and maintenance can help to identify issues with the fascia and guttering, allowing for timely repairs or replacements to be carried out your roofing company of choice, such as Brighton’s JAH Roofing Specialists.

Is faulty leadwork the reason why I require chimney repairs?

It’s certainly very possible! Leadwork can fail and require chimney repairs due to a variety of reasons. Over time, the leadwork can become brittle, corroded or cracked, allowing water to penetrate and cause damage to the chimney and surrounding areas.

The leadwork can also be damaged by extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or wind, or by impact from falling objects. Failure to bring in a roofing company to maintain the leadwork, or improper new roof installations, can also lead to issues requiring roof repairs.

If you have a different question for the Brighton area’s favoured roofing company, or want to get a quote for a new roof installation or roof repairs, simply call 07897 606 585.