Our Roofers Are Installing Sandtoft In-Roof Solar in Brighton, Arundel, East Preston, Woodingdean & Wider Sussex | JAH Roofing Specialists

While most home and business owners agree that the idea of having solar panels is very appealing, for both the obvious environmental factors and the way they can significantly reduce annual energy bills, the problem of kerb appeal often dissuades them from investing. Large, old-style solar panels which jut out from the roof can look out of place, detracting from the aesthetic of sleek and uniform modern properties, or looking a little absurd bolted onto a historic pitched roof. Luckily, there are manufacturers addressing the problem, one such being Sandtoft, who produce an innovative line of in-roof solar panels.

Sandtoft In-Roof Solar is a far more integrated form of panelling, which stays flush with your roof tiles. This can help it achieve a more uniform aesthetic consistency when used with both modern and traditional roof structures. It’s also a fantastic option for new build schemes being constructed around Brighton, Arundel, East Preston, Woodingdean and Sussex, as it offsets its own cost by reducing the number of tiles and wooden battens required for the project. Built to last, in-roof solar panels are weather-tight, connecting via an interlocking aluminium flashing. By forgoing adhesives and plastics, they sidestep the associated degradation and inevitable need for repair. The ingenious design and quality materials used give Sandtoft the confidence to offer 15 year product, and 25 year performance warranties.

JAH Roofing Specialists serves as an approved installer of Sandtoft In-Roof Solar for domestic and commercial properties around Sussex, from Arundel to Brighton, East Preston to Woodingdean. These systems have been built with fast, easy, and safe installation in mind, and our qualified roofers’ impressive pedigree only further accentuates these characteristics. If you’re considering investing in solar, but want a modern panel which will blend in or even compliment the look of your home or workspace, we have you covered. Call us for a free, no obligation quote, and to answer any questions you might have about the installation process.

Reasons Clients Choose Sandtoft In-Roof Solar

  • Environmental Impact – Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and the wider power grid, cutting down your home or business’s carbon footprint.
  • Aesthetics – Integrated solar panels are sleek and stylish, and will be perfectly integrated within your roof, rather than simply tacked on.
  • Weight – Each module weighs only 8.95kg, reducing the overall stress placed upon your roof structure.
  • Cost-efficiency – Sandtoft In-Roof Solar has been developed and manufactured with performance in mind, and you can expect to generate an impressive amount of energy, reducing bills.
  • Maintenance – A higher level of wind resistance, a seamless design which means no cleaning the gaps between panel and roof tile, and exceptional reliability mean less need for maintenance.
  • Versatility – Sandtoft In-Roof Solar has been designed to be compatible, and integrate aesthetically with all roof types.
  • New Build Synergy – These solar panels reduce the total required materials for roof construction, and will also help you meet Part L legislative requirements for a new property, in addition to the Future Homes Standard.
  • Speed of Set-up – The aforementioned weight of the panels, as well as their interlocking design, makes for a quick, easy installation; you’ll be set-up and generating power before you know it!

Sandtoft In-Roof Solar is the ideal choice for both modern and traditional style properties throughout Brighton, Arundel, East Preston, Woodingdean and wider Sussex. For a quote on supply and installation, contact JAH Roofing Specialists on 07897 606 585.