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Experiencing difficulty with a pitched or flat roof in the Sussex area? JAH Roofing Specialists is here to help. My team and I undertake all forms of roof repairs for domestic and commercial clients, proving especially popular in and around East Preston, Arundel, Brighton and Woodingdean. The small team I’ve assembled is made up of accredited and experienced roofers who are well-versed in modern repair techniques, ensuring whatever the issue your roof is suffering, they’ll be able to restore it to its former glory.

What if you’ve noticed an urgent issue and it’s an unsociable hour? Well, you needn’t fret as we provide round-the-clock, emergency roof repairs 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your roof isn’t likely to give you fair warning before springing a leak, which makes it essential you have a trusted roofing company in your phone book that’ll eagerly tackle the required emergency roof repairs, and not dodge your phone call to stay in bed.

Common Roof Repairs We Undertake

Leaks – It will come as no surprise that leaks are one of the most common roofing issues my team and I attend to around East Preston, Arundel, Woodingdean, Brighton and Sussex. They can be caused by a variety of factors, such as damaged flashing, cracked or missing tiles, worn out sealant, or environmental damage such as a falling bough. To repair a leak, our team will first locate its source and then repair or replace the damaged component, such as the flashing or tile. We’ll then test that the issue’s been resolved.

Damaged & Missing Tiles – Damage or missing tiles can be caused by inclement weather, such as storms or high winds, or general wear and tear. That’s why I recommend my Arundel, East Preston, Woodingdean and Brighton clients regularly inspect their roof after a particularly bad spell rolls through. You wouldn’t want a loose or displaced tile to fall onto your driveway and cause injury or property damage! If you spot something, simply call a member of the JAH Roofing Specialists team to investigate further, and repair or replace any offending tiles.

Age Related Issues – A broad category, but this refers to all the roof repairs we carry out to rectify and protect aging structures. Our roofing company works on roofs around Arundel, East Preston, Woodingdean and Brighton that have become brittle, cracked, or warped overtime. These problems can themselves lead to a range of more serious issues, such as leaks and even sections sagging or collapsing. If the roof is beyond repair, our roofers may recommend a full replacement.

Gutter Issues – Gutters are responsible for carrying rainwater away from the roof and building. However, they are also very prone to becoming clogged or damaged. And when this happens, they can cause water to pool on the roof or flow into the building – neither being very appealing situations! To repair gutter problems, a roofing company will clean out gutters, repair any damage, and ensure that they are properly sloped to carry water away from the building.

Roof Ventilation Issues – Proper roof ventilation is important for maintaining the health of the roof and preventing moisture build-up. When ventilation is blocked or simply not fit for purpose, Arundel, East Preston, Woodingdean and Brighton property owners may find themselves experiencing issues such as condensation, mould growth, and rot. A roofing contractor can install additional vents or clean out existing vents to ensure proper ventilation, and these practices are considered a very standard form of roof repairs.

Emergency Roof Repairs

What separates generic roof repairs from emergency roof repairs? It’s sometimes tricky to know what constitutes an emergency, but if you’re for any reason worried about the state of your roof, perhaps because you’ve noticed a leak and the weather is picking up outside, it pays to get in contact with my team ASAP. After a few over the phone questions, we’ll be able to ascertain whether you need the roofers in immediately, or the problem is benign enough to wait till the morning.

For expertly handled roof repairs in areas including Arundel, East Preston, Woodingdean, Brighton and wider Sussex, pick up the phone and call JAH Roofing Specialists on 07897 606 585.