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As our name suggests, roofing is the principal focus for my team and I, with a large proportion of the jobs we take on in and around Brighton, East Preston, Arundel and Woodingdean being new roof installations. While many a modern roofing company has narrowed its service range to focus solely on flat roofing – which we do in fact install ourselves – we continue to construct pitched roofs using time honoured techniques and quality materials, sourced from manufacturers we trust. As accredited roofers with over 60 years of combined experience in the trade, we’re the ideal choice for both domestic and commercial new roof installations.

There’s many reasons why you might need a new pitched roof constructed. Perhaps you’re a commercial developer working on a new build scheme in Brighton or East Preston. Or, you could be a homeowner in Arundel or Woodingdean with a very old roof that’s constantly causing you grief. By bringing in JAH Roofing Specialists, you ensure your new roof will perfectly match your property’s existing architectural features, and score top marks in terms of both functionality and kerb appeal.

Give me a call to arrange a consultation, where you’ll be able to secure a no obligation quote for new roof installation, which I can guarantee will be fair and competitive. If you’d love to see some of the success stories we’ve already written in Brighton, East Preston, Arundel, Woodingdean and elsewhere in Sussex, why not head over to our Gallery page?

Pitched Roof Construction

Pitched roofs consist of a wooden frame or truss, covered with a layer of roofing felt or similar material. They’re then finished with your choice of tiles or slates. The construction process usually begins with the installation of the timber frame or truss. This sees your roofing company use large pieces of timber that are bolted together to form a triangular-shaped structure. The truss is then raised onto the walls of the building and secured in place.

Next, a layer of roofing felt is laid over the truss to provide a waterproof barrier. We may also construct a temporary roof to prevent Brighton, East Preston, Arundel and Woodingdean’s often unpredictable weather from scuppering our work! This is usually followed by the installation of battens, which are wooden strips that create a space for the tiles or slates to be attached. Finally, the tiles or slates are installed on top of the battens, using nails or clips to hold them in place. The roof may also be finished with additional features such as gutters, fascias, and soffits to provide further protection from the elements. Voilà – your new roof installation is complete.

To learn more about new roof installation or other services offered at JAH Roofing Specialists, residents of East Preston, Arundel, Brighton, Woodingdean and all other Sussex locales can call 07897 606 585.