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Roofers use lead to seal and protect many different areas of a roof, especially those that might be in particularly vulnerable positions. Property owners around Arundel, Brighton, Woodingdean, East Preston and wider Sussex, the principal areas my team and I cover, will most likely find leadwork around chimneys, dormers, gutters and valleys. And while lead is a fantastic material due to its durability, versatility and resistance to corrosion, it’s by no means immune to exhibiting the tell-tale signs of wear and tear, or even outright damage caused by environmental factors or persons working on your roof.

My team uses its experience in leadwork during new roof installations, chimney repairs and roof repairs. We also carry out leadwork on a standalone basis, perhaps because existing lead flashing has failed, been poorly installed or is beginning to show its age. Due to the fact leadwork requires specialist skills, equipment and expertise to be delivered to a high standard, we recommend bringing in a reputable roofing company to handle yours – such as JAH Roofing Specialists if you’re located in Arundel, Woodingdean, Brighton, East Preston or elsewhere in Sussex.

More on the Uses of Leadwork in Roofing

Some aspects and uses of leadwork for roofing include flashings, valley linings, aprons, gutter linings, flat roofs, chimney flashings, dormer flashings, and roof window flashings – all of which we ourselves have been known to deliver for clients around Arundel, Woodingdean, Brighton, East Preston and Sussex.

Leadwork can be used to seal and protect various parts of the roof from water damage, corrosion, and other issues. It is a durable and flexible material that is commonly used in roofing due to its ability to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection.

Choose a genuine leadwork specialist whenever you require this kind of work on your roof or chimney. Call JAH Roofing Specialists in Arundel, Woodingdean, Brighton and East Preston on 07897 606 585.